Gangway, Davits & Life Boat Load Testing

Load tests of Gangway and Pilot ladders can be performed by using bolster type Test Bag Systems. These bags have been specially designed to simulate the weight of max 12.5T.

The inclination of these gangways are sometimes set to 55 degrees to the horizontal, and then loaded with our special bolster bags. Due to the risk and dangers of performing these load tests, the Engineer is always strapped onto the railing of the vessel with an safety harness, and one engineer is operating the water control manifold.

Our standard bolster bag has a capacity of 12.5 Metric Ton and is safe and easy to use system for load testing both Gangways and pilot ladders.

The safety advantage of the system is that it eliminates the need of entering the gangway during an overload test.


  • Safer and effective for all kinds of gangway and pilot ladders
  • Durability and strong
  • Easy to fill the water and Discharge
  • Repairable and cost effective
  • Equipped with an water control manifold