Heavy Lift Testing

Alatas Crane Service Worldwide is a company with over 30 years experience and a global presence with 14 office worldwide. We maintain a portfolio of 12 x 100 Ton water bags as part of a strategic plan to allow Alatas to offer Heavy Lift Crane Load Testing to Marine, Offshore, DSV & Construction Vessels worldwide. The combination of the strategic locations of Alatas offices and the distribution of assets allows Alatas to offer Heavy Lift Load Testing to the major Shipping and Oil and Gas Hubs at very competitive rates.

The use of these larger bags in practice reduces the rigging-up time for a 300 Ton Load Test to 30 minutes when compared with traditional requirements for multiple water bags and spreader beams. Furthermore, we deploy additional sea water pumps with high flow rates to augment the vessel's fire pumps which considerably shortens the filling time of the water bags.

Alatas is now positioned to carry out Heavy Load Testing during Port Calls with 2 tests of 300 Ton proof load each being possible during a 24 hour period. This, combined with our ability to carry out annual crane inspection crane and wire rope assessments during the testing, sets us apart from our competitors.