Crane Inspection and Overload Testing MacGREGOR Twin Cranes

The general cargo vessel is equipped with 4 deck crane make MacGregor - Hagglunds. Crane 1 & Crane 3 are single deck cranes, type GL 6027/MLC/4037-2 with a capacity of 60T @ 27M and 40T @ 37M radius. Crane 2A & 2B are Twin Cranes type TGL 4522/3728-2. Crane 2A is the Master Crane and 2B is the Slave Crane. Each crane can lift 45T in single crane mode and 90T in twin crane mode ( tandem crane mode ). Furthermore, twin cranes 2A & 2B can be combined with crane 1 or Crane 3 for a team lift (combined lift) of 120 Ton.


Alatas Singapore recently completed overload testing of 2x NMF cranes with SWL 400T and 1x NMF crane with 80T, as well as engine room crane and gangway load testing onboard one of the BBC heavy lift vessels. This particular vessel was equipped with 2x NMF cranes, type DK SL 400018-200030 with a SWL of 400t and 1x NMF Crane type DKV 80018/50028 with a capacity of 80T.


The vessel is equipped with four 60T heavy lift cranes, capable of operating in Team mode for a combined lift of 120T. Alatas Singapore’s Field Service team were mobilised for this quadrennial cargo gear survey and overload testing.


Alatas providing structural repairs to a Clark Chapman ship unloader, built in 1972. The ship unloader required structural work to the hanger stays, which provide support to the boom structure during the loading operation. The Alatas Crane Design Department carried out a analysis and came up with a design solution to save time and cost of replacing the hanger stays.

Save Time & Cost with ALATAS 100T Waterbags

The vessel is equipped with a 250T AHC crane and has limited lifting height available for the load test. A convention rigging using a spreader bar and multiple smaller water bags is very time consuming and costly. Alatas instead uses 3x 100T waterbag, rigged onto the Ramshorn hook via 2 master links, 300Ton loadcell and a single fall line to connect the water bags.

5 Yearly Special Periodic Survey and Load Testing at Labuan Anchorage

The vessel is a 6th generation ultra-deepwater drillship and was undergoing it's 5 yearly SPS on cranes and lifting equipment. Alatas was awarded the crane maintenance and load testing workscope on the following cranes & equipment

Load Testing of 250T Huisman AHC Knuckle Boom Crane

The vessel is a deep sea diving support vessel, equipped with a Huisman Knuckle boom Crane KBC 250 Ton.

Load Testing of 100T NOV Knuckle Boom Crane

The vessel is equipped with a NOV Knuckle Boom Offshore Crane, type OC 4000, with a SWL of 100 Ton.

Repair and Load Testing of 150 Ton Crawler Crane

The crane in question is a old crawler crane, make Clark, built in the 1970's. Alatas had repaired a dented boom and replaced 4 lacings, utilizing Alatas' skilled welding and NDT team. Upon completion, the crane was load tested with a proof load of 172,000 lbs.

Load Testing of 400T Huisman AHC Offshore Crane

The vessel is a Cable & Pipe Layer, with a Huisman Main Crane, mounted on the ship's stern. The Crane is an Active Heave Compensated Offshore Crane, with a SWL of 400 ton, model Huisman PMOC 400T.

Load Testing of Semi Automatic Spreader

ALATAS was requested to proof load test a semi automatic container spreader.

DRILLING TENDER - 275Ton Load Testing of Favelle Favco Crane PC250

Alatas Crane Service Worldwide a company with over 30 years experience and a Global presence with 14 office worldwide has recently completed...

Overload Test of NMF Heavy Lift Crane

The vessel carries project cargo and is equipped with two Heavy Lift cranes, make NMF

FAT & SAT Testing of Offshore Crane

The Crane is a NORSOK specified crane, i.e. it is designed to operate in the

Load Testing of MacGregor Deck Cranes

The container vessel and is equipped with 3 deck cranes make MacGregor

Mitsubishi crane slew ring changeouts

eplacement of 4 x ALATAS Supplied Crane Slewing Bearings

Redesign of crane boom after accident

The fairly new Knuckle Boom crane on an FPSO developed cylinder bearing

Link Belt offshore crane repairs

The Offshore Support vessel was equipped with 2 units FMC Link Belt Offshore Crane

Cargo Grab Overload Testing

ALATAS, besides carrying out Marine crane load testing via waterbags, also

NMF cranes - dry docking repairs

Renewal of both cargo cranes boom end sheaves

Liebherr BOS crane boom repairs

500t Liebherr offshore crane overhaul supervision and crane certification

ALATAS Singapore Refurbishes 240T Liebherr Offshore Crane on board Armada Hawk

The client had purchased this offshore support vessel recently. It's build in 1978,

Crane Overload Testing

Alatas supplies water bags and load cells for both dynamic and static crane