5 Yearly Special Periodic Survey and Load Testing at Labuan Anchorage

The vessel is a 6th generation ultra-deepwater drillship and was undergoing it's 5 yearly SPS on cranes and lifting equipment. Alatas was awarded the crane maintenance and load testing workscope on the following cranes & equipment

      Crane 1, 3&4 SWL  85T Knuckle Boom Crane, type NOV OC3932 
  Crane 2, SWL 165T Knuckle Boom Crane,   type NOV OC4475 KSCE
  Helideck Crane SWL 10T Stiff Boom Crane, type NOV HCP 350-10-20
  Pipe Handling Crane   SWL 9T

Prior to the overload testing, an alatas team of crane specialists and hose specialists were engaged on the vessel to carry out a complete hose change-out and the 5 yearly SPS, including overhaul of hook blocks

Alatas supplied and mobilized 100T water bags, load cells, equipment and load testing technicians from Singapore to Labuan and carried out the load testing under the direction of our Alatas NOV crane specialist.

Following proof loads where applied:

Crane SWL Proof Load
No:1 17 T hook 21.3 T
34 T hook 39.0 T
85 T hook 93.5T
No:2 20 T aux. 25.0 T
165 T main 181.5 T
No:3 17 T hook 21.3 T
34 T hook 39.0 T
85 T hook 93.5 T
No:4 1 7 T hook 21.3 T
34 T hook 39.0 T
85 T hook 93.5 T
Pipe Handler 9 T  11.3 T
Heli Deck 10 T  12.5 T