Alatas providing structural repairs to a Clark Chapman ship unloader, built in 1972. The ship unloader required structural work to the hanger stays, which provide support to the boom structure during the loading operation. The Alatas Crane Design Department carried out a analysis and came up with a design solution to save time and cost of replacing the hanger stays.

The project involved:

  • Verification engineering to ensure the structural integrity was restored from the repair.
  • Design, static calculations and reverse engineering of the pins, as original info no longer was available
  • Manufacturing of the pins and bushes.
  • ALATAS Rope access technicians instead of staging were deployed to save time with scaffolding.
  • In-situ machining, line boring and welding work was carried out by the Alatas team as required
  • Alatas supplied Water bags and load testing equipment was utilised for the final function test and commissioning.

Determination and professionalism from the site team was excellent and resulted in a successful, safe project. On budget and on time.

Well done team!

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