Crane Inspection and Overload Testing MacGREGOR Twin Cranes

The general cargo vessel is equipped with 4 deck crane make MacGregor - Hagglunds. Crane 1 & Crane 3 are single deck cranes, type GL 6027/MLC/4037-2 with a capacity of 60T @ 27M and 40T @ 37M radius. Crane 2A & 2B are Twin Cranes type TGL 4522/3728-2. Crane 2A is the Master Crane and 2B is the Slave Crane. Each crane can lift 45T in single crane mode and 90T in twin crane mode ( tandem crane mode ). Furthermore, twin cranes 2A & 2B can be combined with crane 1 or Crane 3 for a team lift (combined lift) of 120 Ton.

Alatas was engaged to carry out both the Loadtest, as well as a full crane condition assessment, function testing and pre- load testing inspection. The crane check-up and was done by one of our Sr. MacGregor crane engineers. Concurrently, we deployed our water bags and rigging gear and our load testing team carried out the complex overload testing procedure.

Alatas is a class certified crane service specialist and approved according to IACS UR Z17 to carry out Surveys, Servicing and Testing of Lifting Appliances. Deploying competent persons, it allows us to issue ILO 152 Form B crane load test certificates.

Only Alatas has the expertise and capability to carry out a full annual and quadrennial crane inspection together with waterbag load testing out of one hand, and in one single attendance.

Our load test report includes the following:

  • Load testing picture report and crane condition report including recommendations
  • Load testing Protocol, incl. pressure setting records and crane overload limit settings
  • Crane Load test certificate ILO 152 Form B

The pre-loadtest crane condition assessment includes the following:

  • Pre-inspection of crane structure, ropes, sheaves & blocks
  • Testing & adjusting of crane machinery & safeties, such as:
    - Limit switches
    - Electric, electronic- & hydraulic overload protection equipment
    - Verifying Safe Load Indicators for rated & actual load indication, radius indication and correct alarm settings
  • Setting up the crane for overload testing, incl. by-passing of overload protection systems.
  • Conducting the load test as per ALATAS load test protocol & check-list
  • Recording of crane parameters, such as pressures for SWL and Proof Load
  • Re-setting all safeties to SWL to ensure the crane is fully overload protected.
  • Optional Service:
    Taking samples of the hydr. Oil and of the slewing bearing grease for condition analysis