Redesign of crane boom after accident

The fairly new Knuckle Boom crane on an FPSO developed cylinder bearing problems which appeared to be a design issue. As the maker was hesitant to address this problem, our offshore client turned to ALATAS Crane Services Worldwide to assist.

ALATAS dispatched one of their Senior Engineers to carry out a detailed crane assessment on site and based on that came forward with an ABS class approved redesign. This, along with other ALATAS proposed crane repairs, was implemented by ALATAS during the vessel dry dock refurbishment in Singapore. ALATAS engineers on site carried out the work professionally and to the client's complete satisfaction.

During overload testing, however, the knuckle boom collapsed. The reason for this was found to be a combination of an incorrectly calculated load chart by the manufacturer, incorrect design approval by the class and therefore an incorrectly carried out overload test procedure.

Although ALATAS contribution to the accident was implied initially; what our Client appreciated most, was that ALATAS stepped forward and was instrumental in rectifying this problem, puling out all stops and never waivered in supporting the Client.

Thanks to our considerable resources, in-depth expertise and experience, ALATAS was able to quickly present a repair solution that also incorporated appropriate design improvements, complete with static analysis and calculations necessary for ABS class approval. With ALATAS and the clients resources combined, the boom was repaired and upgraded in the shortest possible time with no delay to the vessel.

ALATAS also carried out a detailed FEM analysis and ANSYS stress analysis of the failed crane boom. This proved that the maker's original load chart was not correct.

Quote from the Project Manager: "I came to regard ALATAS as a most professional crane specialist, and we look forward to working with ALATAS for all our future crane servicing and refurbishing requirements. I can fully and without reservation recommend ALATAS to anyone who is in need for a reliable and competent crane service partner"