Alatas Service Field Service, Load Testing
Location Singapore, Worldwide
Crane Type Heavy Lift
Crane Manufacturer NMF
Models DK SL 400018-200030
DKV 80018/50028

Alatas is the leader in load testing of heavy-lift deck cranes onboard project cargo vessels. We have 100 ton water bags and a simplified rigging system with a single 500T load shackle. Our load testing equipment is operated by professional load testing technicians led by a senior deck crane engineer, ensuring that proof load testing is carried out in the fastest, safest way possible.

We pride ourselves that we can carry out 450 Ton proof load testing faster and cheaper than any of our competitors. And we include a full crane check-up, crane function testing and safe load indicator calibrations at little extra cost.. Our proven track record is why Alatas is regularly chosen for heavy lift load testing and is the preferred deck crane service and load testing partner for leading ship managers of multipurpose heavy lift vessels worldwide.


Alatas Singapore recently completed overload testing of 2x NMF cranes with SWL 400T and 1x NMF crane with 80T, as well as engine room crane and gangway load testing onboard one of the BBC heavy lift vessels.

This particular vessel was equipped with 2x NMF cranes, type DK SL 400018-200030 with a SWL of 400t and 1x NMF Crane type DKV 80018/50028 with a capacity of 80T.


Alatas Singapore to supply:

1x 500T Load Cell & Shackles
1x SWL 100T loadcell & shackles
4x 100T water bags
1x 50 T water bag
1x Sr. NMF Crane Engineer with Tool Bag

We also provided the technician to carry out a crane assessment and the following load tests:

1 CRANE 1 440 T
2 CRANE 2 440 T
3 CRANE 3 88 T

An NMF specialist Engineer carried out a check-up, function testing and LoadMaster Load Indicator calibrations:

  • Pre-inspection of crane structure, ropes, sheaves and blocks
  • Wire rope inspection as per iso 4309 on deck cranes
  • Testing and adjusting of crane machinery and safeties, such as limit switches, electric, electronic and hydraulic overload protection equipment, verifying Safe Load Indicators for rated and actual load indication, radius indication and correct alarm settings
  • Set up the crane for overload testing, including bypassing of overload protection systems.
  • Conducting the load test as per Alatas load test protocol and check-list
  • Recording of crane parameters, such as pressures for SWL and Proof Load
  • Resetting all safeties to SWL to ensure the crane is fully overload protected


"Thanks for the very good job. We are very satisfied with your performance. Everything was well arranged and executed"

Client Fleet Manager

If you require load tests in the Singapore area or anywhere in the world, we can help. Please Contact Us with any enquiries.