Installation of the GH 30 ton gantry crane at the Dragages Bouygues joint venture MTR XRL820 Site

On request of GH Industrias Mechanicas and Dragages Bouyges JV, and after meticulous planning, Alatas Hong Kong carried out the installation of a 30 ton Gantry Crane at the MTR XRL820 site without any problems and in just 11 days, well ahead of the target completion date. The gantry crane will be used to deliver tunnel linings and other equipment into the shaft 24 hours a day / seven days a week. This site is also the launch site for the Tunnel Boring Machine. Alatas engineers completed the project with the successful load testing of the crane using our water bag system.

Alatas Hong Kong will also provide the full range of regular and emergency maintenance and repair services to the owners of the crane.